First and foremost, it is one of the first major content management systems to be released that runs on the very cool and super fast MongoDB database platform.  MongoDB is a document database that provides high performance, high availability and easy scalability. 
MongoDB supports replication that is also supported by Hazaar CMS to allow multiple servers in different geographical locations to serve the same website with a seamless and consistent user experience.  This is useful for load balancing on high traffic sites.
Hazaar CMS also uses MongoDBs GridFS functionality to store media files inside the database allowing all media to be available to all websites being serviced by the database server.  Coupled with MongoDBs replication technology this allows large, media rich websites to operate seamlessly on multiple physical hosts regardless of their physical location.

The Page Designer

The Page Designer is a user friendly way of creating stunningly beautiful web pages.  Pages are made up of sections, rows, columns and modules.  The page designer allows a dragging and dropping of individual components to re-organise your page making it a snap to design even the most complex pages.  Images and other style information can be applied to sections allowing stunningly beautiful media rich pages to be created.  
Modules are available for many common function such as displaying text, images, maps, contact forms and much much more.

Multi-site Technology

One of the biggest benefits of running Hazaar CMS is its multi-site technology.  This works by looking at the URL being requested and selecting the page to return with the required theme and page layout.  The benefits of doing this are many, least of which is that you will no longer have to manage multiple copies of CMS software as well as all media files are available to all sites.
A more advanced use-case could be creating multiple site instances on a replicated MongoDB database allowing a single database with multiple HazaarCMS clients to manage an almost unlimited number of sites located anywhere around the globe, all from a single administration interface!

Themes, Plugins and Modules

Like all great content management systems, Hazaar CMS supports the extension of is basic capabilities by the use of plugins and it's overall appearance can be changed entirely using themes.  
Plugins can provide new output modules for use by the Page Designer, or display modules that can be included in the site layout.  The available positions used in the site layout are defined by the theme and can be customised easily from the admin interface.

Other Bits

Hazaar CMS also has all the other bits and pieces you would expect to see in a content management system. Bits like blog posts (we call them articles), article categories, customisable menus, user management, global settings and so on and so forth.

Active Development

Hazaar CMS is being developed daily.  In fact you can watch changed code roll in if you have nothing better to do, by visiting our Gitlab website at