More than better

The MX4 redefines "better"

A larger display. A better-performing processor. Increased battery life. Faster data connectivity. Class-leading screen-to-body ratio. A thinner, lighter design. You will getthem all with the MEIZU MX4. We have pushed the boundaries of design and technology to show the world how a big-screened phone can be easier to use. The MX4 redefines "better".

Bigger, brighter, better

After over 8 months of research and development with Sharp and JDI, we have created a new and advanced display for the MX4. The 5.36-inch, 15:9 display uses a new Nega liquid crystal technology, and LED backlight module. These new innovations and research equal to an 85% increase in NTSC color gamut, 1100:1 contrast ratio and a brightness of up to 500 cd/m.  Photos, videos and texts have never looked so good.Bigger, brighter, better, more vivid, smarter! The list goes on.


Contrast ratio


New LED backlight


NTSC Color gamut

Faster, smarter and energy-efficient

With the octa-core processor running at 2.2 GHz and sporting powerful Cortex A17 and A7 cores, the MX4 has enough horsepower to tackle everyday use. An advanced PowerVR G620 GPU can throw around pixels fast enough for you to enjoy the latest mobile gaming, while boosting screen reaction time.Smart CorePilot technology instantly switches processes from core to core for a 87% improvement in performance and 30% increase in battery life. Faster, longer lasting and more powerful.Compared the Meizu MX3, the MX4 packs double the performance.


True octa-core


CPU Upgrade


GPU Upgrade


Dual 4G

We have made the MX4 compatible with 5 network types across 13 differentfrequency bands. The MX4 can make use of the TD-LTE and FDD-LTE 4Gnetworks, FDD-LTE reaching a download speed of 150 Mbps, almost 6 timesthat of the previous-generation device. Fast data connection means smooth HDvideo over data and uninterrupted VoIP video calls. Of course the MX4 is alsobackwards compatible with major 3G and 2G frequencies. Keep your friendsand family up to date no matter where you are.

5 network type across 13 different frequency bands


6 times

150Mbps download speed


High speed Wi-Fi

802.11ac Wi-Fi protocol brings blistering internet speeds of 433 Mbps to the MX4. That is almost 3 times the speed of 802.11n. Dual band 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi makes up the rest of the wireless package, deliveringflawless Wi-Fi experience.

3100 mAh super battery

Super Capacity
Energy-saving for 4G
Energy-saving for 3G
Super-long standby duration frees you from battery worries. The 3100mAh battery, from our partners Sony and Samsung,along with CorePilot and our advanced energy-saving CPU means an improvement of 13%, even with 4G LTE connected. Meanwhile, 21% more energy-saving with 3G connected. Watch videos, tweet, update Facebook and play all day none stop.

0.7 mega-pixel

SONY premium IMX220 Exmor RS sensor

DSLR features for infinite possibilities

Exmor RS 20.7 mega-pixel sensor to give the MX4 advanced DSLR features including a 0.3-second focus speed, a 30-photo-per-second
burst mode and dual tone LED flash night shots. Capture the moment while it happens!

20.7 megapixel

Single-lens reflex (SLR) pixel output

Super high ISO

1600 ISO light sensitivity performs outstandingly in low-light

100 fps video shooting

30 photos per second burst mode 100 fps video shooting

Fast focuses within 0.3s

Capture memorable or in-motion moments

Dual-color flashlight

Eliminates distortion in low-light environment

HD 4K video shooting

Support 30 fps shooting Smaller storage volume with H.265

Flawless audio

An increase in volume and richer deeper bass are thanks to the use of a second generation NXP Smart PS audio processor. Audio from the Smart PA chip flows through a new speaker design resulting in a 13% improvement in sound performance. The revolutionary new audio systems embedded algorithms improves audio output real-time. Music, audio and phone calls have never been clearer.