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As part of ensuring that Hazaar CMS is actually useful, I decided to randomly choose an existing web page from the internet that uses modern styling and that I thought looked quite nice.  I would then attempt to recreate this page or pages in Hazaar CMS, to prove that it can be done.
After some minor tinkering and fine-tuning a few things, I'm happy to say that I was able to fairly accurately replicate my chosen pages, the MEIZU MX4 mobile phone product pages.
So I was poking around the Ubuntu website and noticed that the MX4 runs Ubuntu's new mobile platform, which then led me to the product page.  I chose the MX4 product page for a couple of reasons.
  1. It looks pretty nice.
  2. It uses modern styling elements.
To see the pages in action, check out the Meizu MX4 example pages.
To see the originals, check out the MX4 product page on the Meizu website.

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