A quick overview of what Hazaar CMS looks like...



Monitor the overall state of your site from the dashboard.

Article List

View and manage all your articles across all your sites in one place.
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Article Editor

The article editor features a full featured HTML editor that allow authors to format their articles as well as insert hyperlinks and images using the build-in media manager.

Page Builder

The page builder is one of the most advanced methods of creating a modern web page. Pages are made up of sections that can have common elements such as background images, colours or even videos applied. Each section contains one or more rows. Each row then contains one or more columns that use preset column layouts. And finally each column contains one or more modules.
Hazaar CMS currently has a number of build-in modules from "HTML text", "images" to "the slider" and "JumboTron" modules and more modules are being added all the time
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Media Manager

The built-in media manager is one of the most advanced web-based media managers around. You can create a directory structure and upload any type of file. Support files, such as media and videos, will even display a preview. Unsupported files will attempt to display a MIME type icon.

Theme Settings

Themes can be applied to your sites and each site can have a different theme. Although, the default theme is probably all you will ever need. Of course, each site will also have separate theme settings.
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Site Settings

Each site can have it's own group of settings.  In fact all settings are applied to a site configuration meaning that different sites can have different titles, date/time formats, etc.

Site Manager

The concept of 'sites' is not something new, but instead of setting them up in your webserver configuration, Hazaar CMS will now take care of that for you. The benefit is you can run multiple sites all from the same software codebase, which means you only have to keep one copy of the software up to date. 
It also means certain elements can be shared amoungst your sites, such as copyright or privacy statement pages.
Of course if you don't need this and still want to do things the old-fashioned way, that's no problem too.
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